Central and prominent

Inspiring working environment on Frankfurt’s Marieninsel

In one of the most prominent locations at the heart of Frankfurt am Main’s Central Business District (CBD), the Marienforum offers the ideal place to work.

A universe of opportunities

At the heart of Europe, home to the European Central Bank and more than 200 national and international banks: Frankfurt am Main is of international significance.

Opposite the well-known Deutsche Bank twin towers at Mainzer Landstrasse 1 is the Marienforum. With its striking, sculptural cubature, the building fits confidently into its urban setting and is the new prime address in the CBD for companies, employees and neighbours.

Because not only is the Marienforum an integral part of the architectural ensemble, it also significantly enriches its surroundings. The Marienforum manages to provide the neighbourhood with the icing on the cake with offers such as various restaurants. The directly adjoining Marienplatz with its spacious outdoor terraces is an additional, lively platform for encounters and exchanges.

Self-confident double cube

The powerful and striking architecture of the Marienforum was designed by the Berlin architectural firm Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann. With Patricia Urquiola, the design language of the most renowned contemporary interior designer is integrated into the concept.

Together, the two international design teams mould both the shape and the emotional expression of the Marienforum. Naturally lit from almost every side, businesslike in its appearance and equipped with the highest quality and standards, the building is a statement of office culture.

Corner plot sculpts masterpiece

On the ground floor of the Marienforum, an elaborately designed foyer, retail and restaurant units welcome tenants and visitors. Heated natural stone floors and design elements as stylish as they are functional convey modernity and quality.

All the office spaces are equipped with cavity floors and feature a pleasant ceiling height of three metres. Acoustic ceilings provide a quiet atmosphere, and cooling and heating sails ensure the interior temperatures are always just so. Each individual office unit has a fully equipped kitchenette and sanitary facilities. Entrances to the property are located in the north tower on Mainzer Landstrasse and via the south tower from Marienplatz. The building has four passenger lifts and one goods lift.

Which office would you like?
All of them!

Durch den markanten Grundriss mit einem variablen Achsraster von nur 1,30 Meter sind vielfältige Bürolayouts im Marienforum realisierbar. Pro Regelgeschoß bieten 1.425 qm Fläche Raum für bis zu 177 Arbeitsplätze.

Dank der unkonventionellen Gebäudeform ist dabei die Kombination unterschiedlicher Konfigurationen von Bürowelten unkompliziert möglich. Ob Open-Space, klassische Einzel- und Kombi-Büros oder innovative Collaboration Areas – das Marienforum läßt Unternehmen freie Hand bei der Verwirklichung individueller Büro- und Arbeitswelten.

Effiziente Raumtiefen, ausgewogene Proportionen, bodentiefe Fenster und eine hervorragende Ausstattung schaffen ein spürbares Mehr an Aufenthaltsqualität.

Ob ruhiges Arbeiten, Teamwork, Hotdesking, Besprechung, Gästeempfang und Präsentation: Welcome New Work!

Sophisticated and right in the thick of it

The central location in Frankfurt’s CBD provides ideal connections to public transport, roads, culture and nightlife. The nearest S-Bahn station, Taunusanlage, is just a few metres to the north, and it is only an 850-metre walk to the main railway station.

  • 1 min. walk to the bus and S-Bahn
  • 2 min. walk to the Main Tower
  • 3 min. drive to the main railway station
  • Direct motorway access
  • 12 kilometres to Frankfurt Airport


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