The eyes of the world are on Geneva. It is where the United Nations have their European head office. The WHO, the WTO, the ICRC and the UNHCR also call Geneva their home. More than 250 NGOs with consultative status with the UN maintain offices here. And 176 countries have permanent representations or missions in town.

At the same time, Geneva is a known watch-making and finance centre. The Global Financial Centres Index lists Geneva as second-most important financial centre of Switzerland and ranks it fifth in Europe. Watches made in the Canton of Geneva are considered the world’s finest. The greater Geneva region has made an international name for itself as science hub, most notably with CERN.

But Geneva also scores high in terms of liveability. Its scenic location on the shore of Lake Geneva, the unique alpine backdrop and the diversified cultural amenities all play a role here. The prestigious commercial building at Boulevard du Théâtre 8-10 lies in the heart of “the smallest of the large metropolises” just a few steps from the shore of Lake Geneva.


The two Belle Époque buildings at the Boulevard du Théâtre 8 and 10 were raised in 1900 as prestigious residential buildings in the centre of town. In 1970, the buildings were converted into mixed office/retail buildings.

In 2014 and 2015, the two building sections were redeveloped and structurally altered to the specifications of a Swiss private bank at great cost. In the process, the two houses were connected with each other. No costs or efforts were spared.

Only choice and high-spec materials were used for the alteration. The idea was to live up to the historic and prestigious aspiration of the house as much as to the requirements of modern office landscapes. It was a balancing act between two eras, and it was accomplished with a flourish.


Having to accommodate both historic architecture and the requirements of modern companies is no mean feat for an architect. But in the case of the office building at Boulevard du Théâtre 8-10 in the financial district of Geneva, the task was masterfully achieved.

State-of-the-art offices with modern fit-out features spread across 6 floors of both houses on a total floor area of about 2,300 sqm. The units can be flexibly divided by floor. The two basement levels are used as storage areas and for plant rooms.

The mechanical and electrical engineering meets the highest standards. From CAT 7 cabling to modern air conditioning technology, and from kitchenettes to a cafeteria, the premises feature everything today’s companies expect.


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Boulevard du théâtre 8

Total 1,132 sq m
Ground floor 212 sq m
1st floor 189 sq m
2nd floor 198 sq m
3rd floor 199 sq m
4th floor 200 sq m
5th floor 134 sq m

Boulevard du théâtre 10

Total 1,161 sq m
Ground floor 264 sq m
1st floor 175 sq m
2nd floor 187 sq m
3rd floor 189 sq m
4th floor 189 sq m
5th floor 157 sq m


Reception, meeting and office areas are spread across the 6 floors of the two buildings. The premises are accessed via two separate entranceways. Access is provided by a staircase and lift in either house. If needed, it would not require a major effort to separate the two buildings.

The interior fit-out is simultaneously highly presentable and adapted to the needs of modern companies. During the structural alteration to the specifications of a renowned Swiss private bank, only materials of superior quality were used. 

A cafeteria is integrated into the building. The two basement levels are used as storage areas and for plant rooms.


The office buildings Boulevard du Théâtre 8-10 is located in the heart of Geneva – right across from the Grand Théâtre de Genève. You can feel the city’s cultural and economic heartbeat here. The banks of the Rhône and the shore of Lake Geneva are only a few steps away. Since this is downtown, the high-street line-up is excellent: There are cafés, restaurants, bars, theatres, galleries, museums, cinemas and shopping venues. Whatever you crave is well within reach.

  • A walk of 11 minutes or a 4-minute ride using public transportation to the central railway station
  • A car ride of 15 minutes or a 23-minute ride using public transportation to the airport
  • A 15-minute car ride to the A1 and A411 motorways in France
  • 3 minutes to the bus/tram stop Place Neuve and Bel-Air
  • Attractive non-discretionary retail, gastronomy and shopping venues in the vicinity


  • Prestigious historic building in downtown Geneva
  • Lettable area: around 2,700 sqm
  • Built in 1900, thoroughly refurbished in 2014 and 2016
  • Accessed via two entrance areas equipped with lifts
  • Spacious state-of-the-art office accommodation
  • Modern technical infrastructure and air conditioning
  • Attractive neighbourhood dotted with renowned international companies
  • Optimal non-discretionary retail line-up in the vicinity
  • Convenient access to public transportation, railway, motorway and airport


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