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Alois Schumacher, Karl König and Adolf Loos – no less than three of the most eminent Viennese architects participated in designing the house at Kohlmarkt 5. Unsurprisingly therefore, it counts among the most impressive examples of late historicist architecture in Vienna. Today, the house divides into exquisite retail units, renowned offices, and exclusive city apartments. And this in the glamorous centre of the Austrian capital.


As far as quality of living goes, Vienna is not easily outdone. For the tenth consecutive time, no less, the renowned Mercer Ranking named the Austrian capital the most liveable city in the world. On top of that, Vienna is governed in smart, sustainable and innovative ways. In international rankings, the metropolis has repeatedly topped the list as greenest city, smartest city, or the best place to go for start-ups.

What is more: Vienna has remained affordable for everyone. The educational spectrum and availability of young talent is top notch. The public transportation network is outstanding. Vienna is a green city, and the convenience of short distances for pedestrians is ensured by innovative transport concepts and a dense network of local amenities. Handicap accessibility, shading, greening, and weatherproofing are always encouraged and continuously developed in the urban realm.

Its economy is booming. Its art, culture and history are no doubt unique. Not least, Viennese cuisine is known for pampering any palate.

The late-historicist Art Nouveau house at Kohlmarkt 5 was designed by the two Vienna-based architects Alois Schumacher and Karl König. Adolf Loos, a master of early Modernism designed some of the storefronts. To this day, the address counts among the finest in the city.

Kohlmarkt, together with the streets Graben, Tuchlauben and Hoher Markt, is part of the very centre of Vienna. Living and working here means to be surrounded by historical and cultural grandeur. At the same time, it is a place invested with bright prospects.


The mixed residential/commercial building in the late-historicist style at Kohlmarkt 5 was constructed in 1896/1897 by two of Vienna’s most renowned architects of their times: Karl König and municipal master-builder Alois Schumacher. Both contributed significantly to the urban landscape of Vienna’s 1st district and the city as a whole. To this day, the architecture of this classic building is defined by the palisade panelling in the mezzanine.

König and Schumacher are not the only eminent architects who left their mark on the building. One of the great early modernists designed the retail unit in the mezzanine: Adolf Loos.

Between 1901 and 1918, it housed the city’s first cinema, operated by Veltée & Wosatka. It is considered the earliest work of Loos in Vienna.

The seven-story residential/commercial building is accessed via two stairwells which in large parts represent the preserved originals.

The entire house is painstakingly maintained, periodically refurbished, and subtly upgraded to modern specifications. As a result, this architectural icon continues to amaze with its timeless elegance.


  • Period building from 1896/1897
  • Constructed by three renowned architects of lasting influence for Vienna’s cityscape
  • Luxurious premium location in the heat of Vienna
  • Maintained in compliance with the listed building consent, and periodically refurbished
  • Most recent professional reinstatement in 2019
  • Modern excellent specification
  • Home to global luxury brands
  • Historic stairwell
  • Latest building and safety engineering


Kohlmarkt is a very special place. The fact is reflected not just in the large number of famous luxury brands in the area but also in the architecture along the street.

The exclusive interior and ambience of the house at Kohlmarkt 5 is no exception. After all, no less than three celebrated Viennese architects were involved in its design. Their names are Schumacher, König and Loos.

The rental units are spread across seven upper floors and two mezzanine floors.

Everywhere in the building you will find choice materials: historic tiles, rare types of wood, filigree plaster mouldings on ceilings up to four metres tall.

The technical fit-out specifications match the location. They represent the state-of-the-art and satisfy the requirements of any modern business.


Kohlmarkt counts among the leading and simultaneously poshest shopping and business streets anywhere in Europe. Indeed, the boulevard is among the top 15 of the most exclusive high-streets worldwide. The tenant mix is therefore what you would expect: Fendi and Gucci have their Vienna branches in the house at Kohlmarkt 5.

While the ground floor is reserved for luxury brands, the mezzanine divides into a Topkapi beauty salon and office units. The raised ground floor is exclusively occupied by offices. Here, you will find high-key lawyers and companies from the finance and real estate sectors. The top floors are reserved for luxurious inner-city apartments. The well-considered mix of occupiers invests the building with a special atmosphere.

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Gross lettable area (office) 5,243 sqm
Ground floor Retail occupied
Mezzanine Retail occupied
1st floor Office occupied
2nd floor Office occupied
3rd floor Office occupied
4th floor Office occupied
5th floor Office occupied

(Rental area according to GIF/(MF-G I + II according to GIF))


This historic house in the 1st district occupies a prestigious location in the business centre of the Austrian capital. Kohlmarkt counts among the most premium high streets in Europe. It is home to luxury brands and the flagship stores of big national and international brands. In the immediate vicinity, you will find the Mecca of Viennese gourmets, the Julius Meinl delicatessen. Being something of a Viennese institution, it is, of course, much more than just a deli. The restaurant, the wine bar and the in-house café are all highly recommended. The distance to the Goldenes Quartier prime high-street pitch is less than 100 metres.

The direct surroundings are dotted with well-known institutions of Vienna, such as the Schwarze Kameel restaurant, the Demel pastry shop, the Schullin jewellery shop, the MANZ’sche publishing and university book store, and the Italian restaurant Fabios. The Tuchlauben ice cream salon is virtually irresistible to locals. In short: Luxury brands, time-honoured stores, grocers, coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels, museums, art, culture, institutions, sights and leading businesses are all right outside the door.

  • A 4-minute ride using public transportation to the central railway station
  • A car ride of 25 minutes or a 19-minute ride using public transportation to the airport
  • 15-minute drive to the A4 motorway
  • A 2-minute walk to the “Herrengasse” underground stop, served by the line U3, the tram line WLB, and the bus lines 2A, 3A, 5A, 48A, 57A and 59A
  • A 4-minute walk to the “Stephansplatz” underground stop, served by the lines U1 and U3, the tram lines 1, D and WLB, and the bus lines 2A, 48A, 59A, 5A and 77A
  • Attractive local amenities, gastronomy and shopping venues in the vicinity


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